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An enterprise website analytics solution powered by Google's advanced marketing technology. Analyse, understand, and respond to consumer behaviour across your websites, apps, and other owned digital outposts.

Google Analytics 360 Features

Discover why Google Analytics 360 is the market-leading platform of its kind.

Enterprise Reporting
Unsampled data provides brands and analysts with the confidence that their insights have integrity. Combine that with enterprise speed and data freshness, and data-driven decisions can be made in near real-time.
Enterprise-Level Support & SLAs
Through the enterprise partner program, brands receive SLAs and consulting from TRKKN. This gives our clients confidence that the software investment is supported through setup and throughout the partnership.
Connected Ecosystem
Analytics 360 brings powerful integrations to digital marketing. This provides brands with unique media performance insights through direct integrations with Google Data Studio, Google Campaign, and Search Ads 360. Brands also have the power to act on these insights in Search, Display, and Video Advertising campaigns, through native integrations with Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Optimise 360.
Data Ownership & Big-Data Analytics
With a direct connection to Google Cloud Platform Big Query, brands gain access and ownership of the underlying raw log data from Analytics 360. This give analysts, data scientists, and data engineers the ability to extract, transform, predict, and integrate data in unique ways. There's also the added benefit of being able to dive right into some of Google Cloud Platform's unique Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capability.
Data-driven attribution modelling
In addition to a rules-based attribution model, Google Analytics 360 offers advanced attribution modelling that leverages machine learning and includes impressions in paths to conversion.
Operational efficiencies
Campaign tagging and reporting integrations are a thing of the past. With direct connections across GMP, GA360 benefits brands by having all GMP and Web/App data in a single source for analysis. This provides digital marketing teams with the benefit of direct campaign and channel data without the dependencies of managing complex campaign codes in URLs.
Integration With Other Data Sources
GA360 allows brands to natively integrate with Salesforce Marketing and Sales Cloud to add unique data for analysis and communications strategies. This enables an omnichannel approach to marketing through GMP, email, SMS, and social.
Increased Limits & Customisation
GA360 allows brands currently using the free analytics tool to benefit from increased limits on custom variables, custom metrics, and more.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Discover how organisations achieve faster ROI using digital marketing technology.

This paper includes market research conducted with IDG, and features insights garnered from over 150 marketing leaders across APAC.

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TRKKN is one of the leading global Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, and a Google Cloud Platform Partner.

In Australia and New Zealand, we serve our clients' marketing technology needs across the entire suite of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform Suites.

Our extensive experience and ability to get the most out of Google technologies stems from more than a decade of hands-on experience in delivering technical solutions and value driving outcomes for our clients.

We are certified sales partners of Google Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360 and Google Cloud Platform.

We help marketers realise ROI by leveraging their technology investments across Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads Data Hub and Google Cloud.

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